Why Chiropractic?

When you were a child and you scraped your knee after falling, was it the bandaid that healed your wound? Of course not! It was the power in your body that is constantly coordinating your organ systems, organizing your cells, and every aspect of running your body. In Chiropractic we call this power your "Innate Intelligence" and it operates through your Nerve System. If life when you have an experience (physical, chemical, emotional, mental, etc) your Nerve System can 1) learn from this experience and integrate it into your system 2) recognize it as an experience that you've had before 3) store the information from that experience to be integrated later. We call the 3rd option Subluxation and that is what we address in our office.

A Subluxation can cause interference to the body's innate flow of intelligence resulting in Secondary Conditions (commonly called symptoms). Secondary Conditions are the result of improper nerve function due to the presence of Subluxations. Your brain sends information to every organ in your body through your spinal cord. Each organ sends information back to your brain through the spinal cord. When there are subluxations present the transmission of that information can be distorted much like poor cell reception. This can result in distorted functioning of muscles, organs, and glands setting the stage for different dis-functions, dis-eases, or sicknesses.  A chiropractic adjustment releases the Subluxation and allows your body to integrate the experience further healing.


What Makes Essence The Place to Be?

At Essence QLC we are dedicated to serving our community through empowering people to their own InBorn  Ability to Heal, Grow, and Thrive! We practice Gentle and Specific chiropractic care for the whole family. Drs. Brittnye and Nathan have trained extensively to provide the highest quality chiropractic adjustments whether you are 1 hour old to over 100!


When Should I Get Adjusted?

Now! Your Nerve System is constantly interacting with your environment from the time your are in your mother's womb to the time you leave this world. 95% of newborns are born with subluxations.

Could you imagine how your childhood could have been different if your Nerve System was clear to function optimally? Imagine if you started brushing your teeth only when they started hurting.