Dr. Brittnye Potter


Dr. Brittnye has a passion for helping people thrive through chiropractic care. She has experienced firsthand the incredible capacity the body has to heal and thrive by releasing the interference to the nerve system and wants to share that with as many people as possible!

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Dr. Nathan Potter


Dr. Nathan has served on the staff of multiple adjusting seminars and is a prolific speaker. He has also served on chiropractic mission trips to India, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic so far. He has witnessed firsthand the incredible impact serving chiropractic to impoverished communities. Studies have even shown that the crime rate for the areas served decreased dramatically after the chiropractors left..


Our Story

Drs. Brittnye and Nathan met during a series of chiropractic philosophy and technique seminars. They shared common interests in the principles of chiropractic and dedication to honing their craft. While in school they spent much of their "free time" traveling to learn from many of the leaders in the profession.  After a 21 hour road trip and transformational chiropractic seminar, they realized they were a pretty dynamic team. With this realization their lives began to come together and the only question was where? Through many side trails with ups and downs along their hike, their path led them to Lombard IL!